Off Black Magazine- Mirage by David Edwards

I had the pleasure of shooting for the very first issue of Off Black magazine while I was in London. We shot the whole thing in studio, but it looks like we shot on the beach at night time. I love it. 

Photographer: David Edwards, Stylist: Sylvester Yiu, Hair Stylist: David Barbieri, Makeup Artist: Sofia Bermudez.

Josh out-smizing me SO hard... Tyra would be proud. Josh lacing up my Gucci boot like I'm his new high fashion pet.

Grazia UK- Behind The Scenes

Today I shot probably my biggest editorial to date for Grazia UK. Every editorial requires the help of an amazing, hard working team, but with that usually comes some good laughs too. This is Josh, he was the stylist assistant on set today and he’s completely hilarious. I had such a fun time with him today, especially when it came to put on the shoes. We had a few pairs of boots that some times took multiple people many minutes to get on and off. Every time we did either successfully Josh and I would high five, and if it was a bad high five we would repeat it until we were satisfied. Needless to say my palms were stinging and red by the end of the photo shoot but I would change a moment of it! 

Regent’s Park- London

Had the most amazing day at Regent’s Park with my friends. The weather was amazing- sunny and beautiful. The flowers were in bloom, and the best part of all is that I stumbled upon a bouldering setup on a kids playground. It was actually semi-challenging, and would under no circumstances be allowed in the U.S. (too much liability). But it was the most fun I’ve had in awhile and makes me missing climbing more than anything. 

Shot By- Matthias Bjorklund

I had the privilege of shooting with Swedish photographer Matthias Bjorklund a few weeks ago. His work is absolutely stunning. He has this unique ongoing story called “My Girlfriend’s Leather Jacket”, where he takes black and white portraits of models wearing his girlfriends leather jacket, hence the name. So here are my portraits in her jacket. I’m obsessed with them. Thank you so much Matthias, they’re beautiful!

Wondering Around London- The Beautiful and Strange

Today I wondered around London with my bff Juliana and we saw some pretty weird stuff, including this guy who was magically floating in the air. We also saw a similar version of Yoda floating, super cool. Then we were stuck on the bus for 40 minutes getting back to her house, but the sun was shining over the city so that was quite nice and beautiful.